Dr Who Monsters

Who’s Who Of Doctor Who Monsters and Villains! How Much Do You Know?

In "The Talons of Weng-Chiang", what is the murderous Mr Sin?

What alien race had Prisoner Zero escaped from?

Which villains hail from the planet Mondas, which was long ago knocked out of our solar system?

What was the name of the titular Daemon in the Third Doctor adventure "The Daemons"?


What was the name of the creatures who grew within human fat when people took the miracle weight loss pills?

In "The Daemons", what was Bok?

What foe does the Doctor come face to face with on Fang rock for the first and only time?

What is the name of the Dalek's home planet?


Who are the Sontarans fighting a never ending war against?

What were the vampire-like creatures in the Seventh Doctor story "The Curse of Fenric" called?

What sort of creature took over the body of MI5 officer Margaret Blaine?

What is unusual about the Daleks that attack the Eleventh Doctor in the National Museum?

What was the name of the giant parasitic wasp creatures that terrorised the Fourth Doctor in "The Ark of Space"?

What creature, defeated by the Second and Tenth Doctor, resembles a giant crab?

What does the Tenth Doctor describe Bannakaffalatta as, when he first sees him?

Which monster masqueraded as a human called Victor Kennedy?

The Doctor first meets a Sontaran in episode "The Time Warrior", what was his name?

What kind of monster was Captain Varga?

What name does Davros give to the Doctor's group of allies, made up of Sarah Jane, Jack, Rose, Mickey, Donna and Martha?

What animated plastic creatures do the Nestene Consciousness control?