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HQ.FM Software

We have created a Very Simple way to create your Trivia Game

With our HQ,FM software, you can host a game, create and manage quiz, create and modify questions, manage points, list event in community, and sell event tickets.
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What is HQ.FM?

Hashtag Quiz is a Browser-Based Software, that allows you to create live engaging Question Based games and Quizzes, hosted directly through your Hosting Account. Host Big Screen Play Along Games, OR Players can connect via their Phones for Interactive Fun..
How Does HQ.FM Work?

How Do You Host With HQ.FM?

  • First You need to create your free hosting account on HQ.FM
  • Next, Click Here and We will Quiz you on how you will be using HQ.FM and show you the perfect path for your needs.
How Does HQ.FM Work?

Who uses Hashtag Quiz?

Hashtag Quiz is used by Local Businesses and Entertainers
to create a great experience within their environment

Keep your guests Entertained or Attract a completely new demographic, Quiz brings the additional Footfall and Revenue every business wants or keeps the older ones Happy & Returning.


Need to raise much-needed funds for your charity? With Our Stripe Integration, many organizations use our Quiz Platform, to directly charge consumers to play games, with no financial leakage, and no chasing money from Sponsors, etc!

Care Sector

HQ makes Activity Coordinators lives easier, and enriches the lives of the residents, often as part of their care plan, short term memory recall, or social gatherings and relationship building, more recently with COVID-19, we helped families stay in touch and a family activity for everyone to look forward to.


For Entertainers, we are a standard Trivia Software in a DJs or Singers tool kit; to either build an income via Pub Quiz Hosting or an Additional Elements to make Weddings more special and personal Hosting Corporate and/or Virtual Events.


Hashtag Quiz makes the classroom & Pop Quizzes fun, engaging keeping the attention of our younger generation, because of how many elements of the system can be used, in a classroom environment, we make learning FUN.

Live Streamers

From Monetizing Streams, to a successful way to deliver alternative content methods, an extra level of engagement to bring your viewers closer and more involved with your day to day activities on subjects you both love. (Plus We solved the Communication Delay Issues)

What our clients say is extremely
important to us

Great solid system, for both the National Events team, and the Regional Fundraising Team, no more chasing money, we just connect our stripe account, and funds come directly to head office.

Excellent software!!! 🏆

Hello HQ; I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you, thank you for making the system suitable for a multi-op entertainment manager. My hair is growing back, and I have TIME since switching to your platform, I don’t need to worry about sharing content between our Hosts and Venues, I don’t need to worry about licencing every day, its just plug and play for my team; you have saved me HOURS every week.

Awesome Software! 💪
Simon WilsonHashtag Hosts Ltd

Hi Richard, Thanks for asking for a Testimonial I would be glad to give one for your website; I would just like to tell any Bar or Restaurant Managers who don’t have a HQ.FM quiz night, you’re missing out, I run a small micro pub and my regulars wanted to do a quiz, I don’t have the revenue to hire a DJ, and I didn’t want anything too difficult to use. I reached out via support to Richard (HQ Team) and he helped me get up and running in 45 minutes. I brought the system into my Bar 3 months ago and use it for a General Knowledge Quiz every week, plus at random times for things like Football and when my crazy lot want to do something different, and we’re always full, I just take the content from the hive, which is updated weekly it’s so easy. I can’t believe it’s only £20 a week, I can literally turn it on when I want, and play any game we feel like. Cant say more Richard, I love it.

I love HQ.FM 😍
Terry ThomasRed Lion Ale House

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