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Do you have any questions on hosting with HQ.Fm? You can find related answers here on our Hashtag Quiz frequently asked questions.
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Hashtag Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

Hashtag Quiz Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the most common questions.
1. How do I Host a Quiz?

See our tutorial videos on YouTube

2. What do I do first?

First you need to create your content, or gain inspiration from the Hive content.

3. How do my players join a game?

Once you have Launched Game and are in the Lobby or In Game, tell your users to go to HQ.FM, login, and type in your game code, then accept them into your game.

4. What question types can I create?

Currently, Multiple Choice (4 Answers) Sequence/ Answer in Order (4 Options), First Letter of First Word, and Number Questions and Answers are accepted.

You can add Pictures (JPG, PNG) or Animated Gifs to any Question.

5. Time limits, WHY?

Time Limits add suspense and a sense of urgency, we have added an appropriate countdown timer too for audio representation to answer Quickly, you can turn the sound off by muting the browser.

If you want to move the game on at your own speed, choose infinity, and you have full control over how long a question and answer is.

6. How many questions to add for an event?

Is like asking how long is a piece of string, some Online Influencers and Live Seminar hosts may do 5 questions as a part of something else, people who use this for a full night of entertainment, 2hrs may need between 60 & 80 Questions.

7. Tell me More about - Subscriptions.

Base user account is free 1 Host – 2 Connections,

Maximum number of Connections is per session.

Subscribe when you are going to go above this number, if your connections go above the subscription level you are in a in Game notification will pop up telling you to upgrade the account or restrict participation.

Subscriptions are Pro Rata, if you do need to upgrade, we only charge you a % pro rata till the end of your period, then the subscriptions will automatically be at the higher level.

However, you can upgrade and downgrade anytime you want to, the Subscription period will end, and your account will go back into a Free state.

If you go above the maximum 1000 users “Accidentally” we will allow you as to not disrupt game play, but you are a user we need to communicate with to arrange an appropriate subscription level and level of service.

8. Buzzers – Copyright Beware

Search Metallica – Elevator Music

It does not matter if you own or have the correct licenses for music, if you are delivering copyrighted music over social media, your stream will be shut down by the algorithms.

Buzzers are great in a Live Event Environment but lose their Impact on Stream or Virtual Quizzes.

The aim for buzzers is to identify the fastest team, and you can interact with them, via a stream you can’t really do this.

9. Events, what can I do?

Events is an ongoing Upgrade for us, more features coming.

Currently, you can Create a Calendar Event, and add an Event Ticket, with all the details of the event, Share the Event Link which looks great on Social, players can click and purchase tickets, get an email with all the information (Including Live-stream link or venue address) at the time of event, you add the event you are running, users can just click in their account join and is simplified. This can be done up to and during the game too for late comers. You can see how many tickets you have sold, and the emails of purchasers if you need to contact.

10. I want a pretty event that aggregates with google and is searchable on the internet.

That’s fine, we currently have a work around, once you create your event you will be emailed event confirmation, in that email you have a link to our Private listings, Hashtag Quiz event calendar and in the box, use your ticket link to sell tickets via the event.

11. Event Tickets & Stripe

To use our events tickets, you must create or connect a stripe account, it is extremely easy.

12. Fees and Costs

Subscription fee, to use the software on a professional level.

HQ.FM as a Platform charges 50p or £0.50 GBP (Which will be converted to the currency you are selling tickets in) – This is none negotiable and allows us to continually develop more functions within the HQ software.

Stripe Fees – are covered by yourself, please be aware of the Stripe Fees Pricing & fees | Stripe | United Kingdom

13. Live Stream Delay and Latency – I do not understand what’s wrong.

When you go live over any platform, including TV you are not live, its not like you are stood next to each other having a conversation, there is some Latency between you and your viewers (Even on ZOOM – other popular video platforms available).

The Users Receive your Video a few seconds after you have delivered the information.

So, if the users receive information slower, the same happens when you try and deliver a website to someone, you send it instantly, but the users receive it before they receive the visual information.

Makes it hard work to play a game, and confusing to host one too, but its ok, we’ve sorted this.

So, what we have done, which for the player, they don’t notice, but for the Host, you must Host around it.

Handset Delay, you work out how many seconds, viewers receive your video (by sending a timer down the stream, and watching your stream back) add that into our delay tab.

When you hit the Send Question Button and Say, “OK Let’s Play the Question” The player will receive your stream and the Handset info at the same time and you will go into a sending state, so you need to chat around this, “Reading the Question” Kills some time, reading it twice Kills double time.

When you start timer, the sound and countdown you can hear, when you say 10 seconds left, the player will hear and see 10 seconds left. Once your NORMAL countdown ends, you can start reading out team names of fastest answers and correct answer etc, because users will see this after their timer reaches 0 and the slower players won’t change fastest team’s info etc, you will see your timer change to delayed time, and when that reaches 0 all the teams answers are in, and you can move the game on.

Same with Scoreboard, because it is delayed, we must delay YOU, for example, if we set a 15 second delay, and don’t pause YOU, if you send and the site is waiting and after 5 seconds decide to move on, then everything breaks.

14. Hive – Some Dodgy Questions in there

Hive is only available for paid Subscriptions.

The Hive is user generated content, which we have no control over, there will be x rated question in there, there will be spelling mistakes, there will be wrong answers, you need to check the content before you use it.

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