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Hashtag Quiz is a Browser-based Quiz/Trivia software that allows Hosts to create a real time interactive quiz games from the laptop or smart device where the host sets the questions, rules and rewards. The players connect to the game via a game code and answer using their smart devices, everything is automatic for them and game hosts just press some buttons moving the game forward

in addition to hosting Live quiz games Hashtag Quiz allows to :

feature: list you event


List your Events

feature: sell event ticket


Sell Events Tickets


Monetize Your Games

No credit card needed Β· No automatic subscription renewal Β· Cancel whenever you want

All you need is internet and your imagination to harness the power of Hashtag Quiz that offers host a no pen and paper fully customizable game experience with 4 ways to answer and 3 game modes as well as automatic scoreboard.

How does Hashtag quiz work?

Hashtag Quiz puts YOU, in control as the Question Master, in your very own Gameshow. You create the Rules, You build the Point Structure, You Decide How long your Players have to Answer the Questions, The System does the rest. Its so simple, just a few clicks and you are ready launch a game, and wow everyone who connects to your game..


Write Your Questions & Content, in a Few Easy Clicks Or Take Inspiration from our User Generated Content The Hive


Tell Everyone about your Quiz or Trivia Event, how to get involved, what rules you’ve set & your settings of Gameplay


  Launch Your Game , Give you users the Game code and that's it let the game begin 

Who uses Hashtag Quiz?

Hashtagquiz is used by local business, Entertainers to create a great experience for their clients

hospitality πŸ½ πŸ»πŸΉπŸ›Ž

Keep your guests Entertained or Attract a completely new demographic, Quiz brings the additional Footfall and Revenue every business wants, or keeps the older ones Happy & Returning.

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What Our Customers Say...


Hi Richard, Thanks for asking for a Testimonial I would be glad to give one for your website; I would just like to tell any Bar or Restaurant Managers who don’t have a HQ.FM quiz night, you’re missing out, I run a small micro pub and my regulars wanted to do a quiz, I don’t have the revenue to hire a DJ, and I didn’t want anything too difficult to use. I reached out via support to Richard (HQ Team) and he helped me get up and running in 45 minutes. I brought the system into my Bar 3 months ago and use it for a General Knowledge Quiz every week,  plus at random times for things like Football and when my crazy lot want to do something different, and we’re always full, I just take the content from the hive, which is updated weekly it’s so easy. I can’t believe it’s only Β£20 a week, I can literally turn it on when I want, and play any game we feel like. Cant say more Richard, I love it.

Terry Thomas – Red Lion Ale House


Hello HQ; I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you, thank you for making the system suitable for a multi-op entertainment manager. My hair is growing back, and I have TIME since switching to your platform, I don’t need to worry about sharing content between our Hosts and Venues, I don’t need to worry about licencing every day, its just plug and play for my team; you have saved me HOURS every week.

Simon Wilson – Hashtag Hosts Ltd


Great solid system, for both the National Events team, and the Regional Fundraising Team, no more chasing money, we just connect our stripe account, and funds come directly to head office.


Hashtag Quiz Story

Hashtag Quiz was born out necessity, by our other company Hashtag Hosts, based in the North West of the United Kingdom, we as a Company, needed the ability to β€œUp Our Game” and create a suitable Staff/Event Management System (CRM) within our Core Service, Pub Quiz Entertainment, and thanks to technical advancements, and utilizing partners like Amazon, and Stripe, creating a solid online system, for contactless interactive, engaging entertainment utilizing Smartphones, WiFi & Mobile Data.

From our Humble Beginnings, as a Bar Trivia Night Software, as a Subscription Model or SaaS (Software as a Service) we now supply Zoo’s, Educational Establishments, Hospitality and Tourist Attractions all around the world with Quizzing Technology to not only have fun, interact and educate, but also to collect data, and remarket return visits and increasing longevity of the customer.

We (Hashtag Hosts) are an Employer, for our small little world (No We are Not Recruiting), but many Job Seekers, Entertainers, DJ’s, Singers, Comedians, from all walks of life worldwide have secured regular work, just by providing their services alongside our software, the truest word of the Gig Economy, and Self Employment.

In 2020 when the world stopped, and everyone moved online, live streamers, influencers and content creators were looking for an additional way to deliver content virtually. Quiz & Trivia became popular, and we realised there was a huge problem with Delay (Streaming Platforms when you β€œGo live” are not 100% Live there is a player delay, and a public outcry for a system that worked the way they needed it to, and once again our system evolved and Live Streamers over Facebook, Twitch and YouTube etc, could flawlessly present content, so the user feels live, with hosting guides, to keep the host in time.

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