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You can host a big screen bingo gameshow with our Music Bingo Hosting Software.

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Music Bingo Hosting Software

Host a Big Screen Bingo Gameshow, or Just pull out your phone, and you can host a bingo game it’s really very easy, let us show you how.

To use Bingo, you’ll need to be a paid subscriber, but as its not a connection game, for standalone bingo you won’t pay more than £20+Vat a week, unless you have multiple hosts/venues hosting it, and then license as normal, increase, and decrease licenses accordingly.

If one week your using Bingo, but the next week you’re not, decrease your subscription to free.

What you will need is, BINGO cards, available from many good suppliers.

Choose a Subscription Plan

Ready to Host a Bingo Classic Gameshow?

Host a Classic Bingo Gameshow

In the Menu, see Bingo, Click the Bingo, you are presented with 3 Options, Classic UK bingo Game (90 Balls), Classic US Bingo 75 Balls, and Custom Bingo Game.

Custom Bingo Hosting Game is where you can have lots of fun with it, but all options are for different needs.

Classic Bingos are essentially the same, so we’ll show off the UK Bingo Software first. Click the button, we have built in a Bingo Caller, you may want to call it yourself (and just mute the caller), or ours will do it automatically.

Launch a Classic Bingo Gameshow

Click Start Bingo,
Click Next,
If you want to play the audio again, just click play.

And the Rest is down to you, to manage the people, manage the calls, check the rules and regulation and do you need to speak to the gambling commission?

Here is the Quick Video of How Classic Bingo Looks and Feels.


Ready to Host a Music Bingo Custom Gameshow?

Host a Custom Music Bingo Gameshow

We have seen the system used as a Wedding Bingo Request System, Bride and Groom asks their guests for requests, and the Wedding host uploads these full songs, to the system, and names them the request.

Solves all those awkward playlists and how am I going to fit 100 songs into an evening (as Bingo is random, you won’t fit all of them in, but that’s OK) and during the night, you’re playing a bingo game too, so people can win things.

Host a Custom Bingo Gameshow

Custom Bingo is amazing, very similar to above, but you need to do some work inside the system first and set it up, you can name every bingo ball if you want to, you can also add a audio track to every number to.

We recommend edited tracks, so some skill is required to make the system work perfectly.


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