Well, first you need to find a host hosting a game!

Hosts, will host games, on the Internet on many different streaming platforms.

See the events listed in our Virtual Event Link, as these events are often available for anyone in the world to play.

Upcoming Events – Hashtag Quiz – Trivia & Gameshow Hosting Software

Hosts also host games inside venues, all sorts of venues, and you have to be in the venue to play the game, please look at our Live Events to find the event closest to you.

Its really simple. Register as a player at https://hq.fm,

Once you have registered, make sure you are logged into your account, the host will give you a game code so you can enter the game.

If you have purchased a ticket, you will be able to click the Join button and enter the game.

The host controls the game, you just have to answer (and answer quickly) to get bonus points.

The answer keypads could be:

  • Multiple Choice Answers, (1 – 4)
  • Numbers (Calculator style) Type in the Number and Click OK
  • Letters (Qwerty keypad view), First Letter of first main word
  • Sequence, 1-4 select the order you think is correct.

HQ for the player is Free, the Host Subscribes to offer you this service.

For ticketed events, the host will decide how much a ticket is worth and its face value, this transaction is between you and the host.

HQ charges a platform fee on ticket sales at £0.50 GBP, converted into your currency,

HQ has no autonomy over content, your host has written the content, you need to contact the host to resolve any issues.

The game is designed to work on low bandwidths but you may experience delay with a slow connection. If you have a slow connection please take your time in-between questions and answers to allow the game to catch up.

Don’t panic.

The system is designed to reconnect any device that loses connection automatically.

If that doesn’t happen, a simple refresh of the page should get them back in the game.

If your phone goes to sleep, you will likely miss questions as you will be excluded as the system thinks you have left. 

In your Phone Settings please change the sleep timer during the duration of the game.

Please use a different email address to register as a host, and we hope you enjoy the experience. To register as a host, click here