Charity Fundraising Organizers

Raise money for charity using our HQ.FM quiz software. It is very easy and simple to use.
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Raise Money for Charity
raise money for charity

Raise Money For Charity

Raise money for charity with our quiz software, It's a very easy way to raising funds online.

You can raise funds online virtually with our HQ.FM software as it works on WiFi, and public spaces.

All you need do is to attach your stripe details on the software and boom, you are ready to start raising funds.

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Things You Can Do on HQ.FM

  • 1
    Host Bingo

    Host a bingo and/or party bingo event on the big screen.

  • 2
    Play Quiz

    Play quiz on a big screen and get players excited at your event.

  • 3
    Connect Participants

    Play quiz and connect participants to the game via their phones.

  • 4
    Sell Tickets

    Play quiz, connect participants, and sell tickets directly to those participants (Via stripe)

Suitable for Both BIG or Small Charity Fundraising Events

Get the best out of your
fundraising events

You can add fundraisers within user management, and they are directly responsible to you. You can share content with them (so everyone runs the same quiz) and you can connect your stripe to your fundraisers, so you collect the money directly.

This really is made for BIG or Small charity fundraising events, virtually or in venues to raise money for charity.

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raise money for charity

HQ.FM is Flawless and is
Very Easy to Use

Virtual Charity Events have been a great source or fundraising during the last 3 years, and no matter if you are going live on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube (you’ll need to learn and use the delay feature too) but using ZOOM or other great video conference systems, HQ.FM is flawless, and no extra programming is required.
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System Simplified

The system is very easy, anyone could host it, or press the buttons while celebrity hosts it, as it is just sent a question, start the timer, and results come in automatically. “Say what you see” and everything will just fall into place.

Create Your Content

Create personalized interactive content in your quiz with our HQ.FM software. You can also modify your content as you want it and also set question display timers. See more here

Raise Funds

Quiz is now one of the best ways to raise money for charity, and we look forward to helping you raise much-needed funds.

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