Buzzers and Sound Effects

Definition: A Buzzer is a sound that is chosen by the player and will sound upon you hitting the play-winning buzzer, a buzzer is for the fastest team to have a team or player sound effect, for bragging rights and acknowledgment that they are the fastest and winners of that question.

On this page simply click the upload buzzer, the system will open your file folders and upload.

Buzzers - Upload

Buzzers are limited to 9 Seconds in length, please edit before upload or the system will reject them.

Buzzers - Upload Size

Some of this will be explained also in Virtual Quizzes, but let’s talk through all our options of buzzers

Upon launch game, you can select buzzers on/off, if your quiz is a small intimate visual affair, where everyone can see everyone it’s a good idea to have buzzers on as adds an extra element of depth to the game.

Buzzers - Launch game

Buzzers are also great for when you can visually see everyone in the room, in an event space or bar, etc.

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