Custom Bingo Games

on the top right of the bingo page on HQ.FM, Custom Bingo Game Button, click that, name your Bingo, choose how many balls you want, and it will open a grid, we like using grids, easy layouts.

Custom Bingo Games Custom Bingo Games - Create Custom Bingo Game

You’ll see Ball Number, Ball Name (This is editable for whatever you want to call the number) and upload a track to the number, if you’re playing the full track just upload that, or please upload an edit if you want a shortened version of it.

Custom Bingo Games - Edit Custom Bingo Game Custom Bingo Games - Edit Custom Bingo Ball Custom Bingo Games - Edit Bingo Ball

Do as many or as little as you want, and then click save

This game is ready to play and if you want to play a song twice just hit play again.

Are you still stuck? Reach out to us here