Playing the Game

Game Display

1 – Quiz Name, Round Number – Question Number

2 – Countdown Timer

3 – Question Display

4 – Answer Area, Which changes when different questions are sent via the host

Playing the Game - Game Display Playing the Game - Game Display

The Game works, The Host Sends the Question, then Reads the Question and Starts the Timer. You can only answer ONCE the Timer has started, and the timer will END when every player has answered, Please note: The Timer can end before the allocated time for the question, the game moves on at the pace of the players.

The First Answer Type is Multiple Choice,

1 of 4 will be the correct answer, just Tap the one you believe to be correct.

Playing the Game - Multiple Choice Answer

Sequence Questions

They are displayed the same as Multiple Choice, But this time you have to guess the correct order of the answers, you can change your answer, at any point before the 4th is selected.

Playing the Game - Sequence Questions

Next is Numbers or Value Based Questions.

It looks like a calculator, type in the number and press OK to submit your answer

Playing the Game - Number Based Questions

Letters based Questions.

This question is not a spelling-based question, we’re just looking for the first letter of the first main word.

Our Letters Keypad is displayed in a QWERTY fashion.

Playing the Game - Letter Based Questions

Combination of ALL

Picture & GIF Questions – They come through with the question, but once you click the picture or GIF it goes away, and once the timer starts, you can answer. You MUST click the picture to remove it.

Playing the Game - Picture Based Questions Playing the Game - Picture Based Questions - Answer Screen

End of Round

Once a round ends, you will see an end of round page.

Playing the Game - End of Round

At any time, the Host can deliver a scoreboard at any time to show you where you are within the quiz.

Playing the Game - Scoreboard

Game ends, and you can share your score on Facebook.

Playing the Game - Share score on Facebook

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