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The All-in-One Quiz Maker & Hosting Software

Become the host with the most with HQ.FM Pub Quiz Software! Our browser-based quiz maker & bingo software enhances your players’ gaming experience and gives you the tools to take your game to the next level.

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What is Hashtag Quiz Software?

Hashtag Quiz is an all-in-one, browser-based trivia, bingo, and pub quiz software, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and an audience. Our quiz maker gives you the power to host your very own quizzes on big screens or direct to users’ phones at the touch of a button. Alternatively, if you want to keep it low-tech then simply print out your game and hand out the pens – ready for a traditional quiz.

Hashtag Quiz software helps you entertain the masses or host fun quizzes for smaller groups and take your game to the next level. Take a look at all of our subscription plans here and discover how Hashtag Quiz is the perfect solution for hospitality, fundraising events, care home entertainment, online quiz software gaming or your next live stream event.

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Simple Plug & Play Technology

Quiz builder software, create and start a game in minutes! Set up games, create unique competitions with a variety of game modes, and entertain your audience with access to all of our features in one place.

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Online Or In-Person

Host and play quizzes with Hashtag Quiz from anywhere with low-tech pen-and-paper games as well as big screen and online quizzes. All you need is a subscription to Hashtag Quiz Software and an audience.

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Let The Tech Do The Talking!

Automated scoreboards, change up the game in real-time, and even use our handy digital narrator so you can let the software do the talking.

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The Best Pub Quiz Software

Perfect for Entertainment, Fundraising, and Education

Add quizzes, bingo, and other exciting games to your weekly pub night, fundraising event, or pop quiz by signing up today.

Instant Access to Questions, Quizzes, and More

Hashtag Quiz allows users to share interesting quiz questions and themes allowing you to find questions for a specific topic or inspiration for unique tiebreakers.

"Unlocking Knowledge, Fueling Fun – HQ.FM: Where Every Quiz Leads to Success!"

Steve, The Royal Oak, Biddulph – Caldmore Taverns

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Entertain your guests and drive new customers with exciting new pub quizzes, bingo, and other games guaranteed to bring in additional footfall and revenue.

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Our software is ideal for charity events; shine the spotlight on an important cause, host a fun quiz and raise vital funds.

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Care Sector

Add fun activities such as quiz games to enrich and entertain the lives of elderly and seniors living in residential care homes.

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Hashtag Quiz is the Dirty Dancing megamix to every entertainer’s playlist. Every host has HQFM pub quiz software because it increases your income opportunities with midweek pub quiz revenue.

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Education & Training

Make the classroom or remote working fun with informative pop quizzes that engage and entertain students. Perfect for teaching, tests, or subject reviews.

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Live Streamers

Engage your online audience, monetise your stream and turn your viewers into participants with Hashtag Quiz’s professional Influencer Tool.

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