How HQ.FM Works

Please select which options you will be using the system for and we will show you
how to host a smartphone quiz

Question Manager

Our system is built for content creators like you!

In Quiz Management, you will see the quizzes, create your own quiz, select the number of questions and number of rounds, name your quiz, categorize it, and launch.

Within your game, you can customize questions and answers, points, time limits on every question, tags, and as well as selecting 4 different answer options, multiple-choice, letters, numbers, or sequence questions. All of which you can add an image or GIF to be displayed on players' phones.

Save and publish when completed.

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One useful feature we have for people who need inspiration for content is our user-generated hive. From here, you can save an entire quiz, or go through each question, and save it to a quiz, cherry-picking the best content.

Once the content is saved, you can access this for review under the quiz management and quizzes tab. In quizzes, you can drag and drop the order of the content to personalize your game.

See more on the Hive Here

How to Host a Smartphone Quiz?

how to host a smartphone quiz

Players joining your game for interactive fun is how we intended the system to be used.

You need to know that your players need a player account, which they can access via HQ.FM homepage, and go down the player Journey. They’ll need to register and log in.

When you launch the game, you will give them a game code to connect to your accounts.


The easiest way to do things is with Big Screen Only. You can print a PDF for your players to answer, and all the content is delivered on your hosting screen.

You can set timers still, and either give the answers at the end of each question or at the end of the quiz on our questions review page.

Before Game Launch

Are you Live in a Venue?

One great OPTIONAL feature, if you are connecting players handsets and live in a venue.
When you can see the people around you use our buzzer’s function, In your Hosting Dashboard to the left is Host Custom Buzzers, for this you will need a max of 10 seconds sound clips to upload to the system, during Game Launcher, Select Enable Buzzers.
When the team is the fastest winner or loser, you can play their sound effect adding that extra level of interaction.

See More on Buzzer Features here

Are you playing Virtually over the internet?

If you are playing virtually, this can be a challenge. Video Conferencing is the easiest format, as it’s the closest to LIVE.
Other platforms, like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, have a Latency or Delay, which means your LIVE isn’t quite live, it can be anything from 2 seconds to 19 seconds from when you speak, to when the viewers or players hear you.
So to combat this we have added a Handset Delay (programmable, dependent upon your delay time). This keeps the game LIVE for the player, and for you the Host, We have added a delay timer after your normal timer, so you’ll know when the question has finished for the player.

Do you want to sell Tickets?

Selling tickets through the system is easy, we have partnered with stripe so you can take payments directly within the system, (please note, HQ.FM does have a player fee of 0.50GBP per transaction, added to the player ticket).
When setting up tickets, you need to build an event within the system, and fill out all the information, required, this will generate a specific ticket link, which you can share across the internet and players buy tickets directly, you can see the attendees list to contact, as well as the number of tickets sold.
The big difference with this is an option on launch Game, which will be where you attach your tickets to a quiz event because we have an account-based system where the player logs in, and instead of typing in a normal game code, they will join your event automatically.
how to host a smartphone quiz

Launch Game

The first option is what quiz do you want to launch? Which is based on how to host a smartphone quiz and our pre-game content. You now can choose how to run your rounds and what kinds of game play you want, as well as points structure, time structure, and bonus points.

1. Rounds


3 Options for Gameplay

Quiz – The normal game – points for correct answers.
Evil – As the name suggests, points for correct answers, answer wrong loose points.
Killer – A knockout quiz, answer wrong and you are out of the game/round.
Do you want to default points for every question? Do this here.
Do you want to default time for every question? Do this here.
Bonus points – Select the number of teams to give bonus points to, and the relative points you would like to give for the fastest teams.
Do this for each round, or default to every round on this Page.

2. Optional Event Tickets – Following on from Before Game Set Up


If you have sold tickets to an event attach them here, if not, this page can just be ignored.

3. Optional Host Custom Buzzers - Following on from Before Game Set Up


If you want to use the Buzzers you have uploaded click here, choose your buzzers and if you will allow players to upload buzzers.
If not Ignore this and move on

4. Optional Delay – Following on from Before Game Set Up


Doing live streaming and need a delay, click here and add the delay seconds.
No Delay Needed, Ignore and Move on

5. Optional Social Sharing


Using the Players handset feature, we can share your text, onto players Facebook Timelines when they hit share. Please write your text in this element, and your Facebook page, which will be shared at the end of the game.
If this isn’t for you, just skip and move on.

6. Game Code


This is your game code and it does not change.
Participants can’t join on this page, so click next and start the game.

Host Lobby

If you are connecting player handsets, here is where you can tell your players to go to HQ.FM and use your game code.
Once players log in, and then connect, you will see them arrive in your lobby. You can accept or reject their connection here, it's all up to you.

Don’t worry if users join mid-game, keep your eye out for a red circular button with a number at the top of host screen which when clicked, users show in the results table and you can then allow or kick user.

Everyone's in..

Connecting Player Handset

Here is where you can tell your players to go to HQ.FM and use your game code

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