Higher or Lower Game

A standalone game, played on a Big Screen.

Game opens in a new tab to not mess up any Quiz Games you may be running.

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higher or lower game
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What it's all about

A standalone game, played on a Big Screen. Game opens in a new tab to not mess up any Quiz Games you may be running

In the UK this is a Similar Game, Inspired by Play Your Cards Right, and in the US a Gameshow called Card Sharks.

Higher or Lower Hosting Game, is great fun as a side game to entertainment, or even as a standalone betting style game, will it be HIGHER or will it be LOWER

How to Play the Game

How we have always played this game is as an audience participation game, during the event, we sell raffle tickets, and pull someone’s number out of a hat, that person then gets the chance to Play Their Cards Right.

Once the contestant is in position, we launch the game. Choose how many cards we will be playing with (2 to 20). It’s up to the Game Host to decide the prizes and rules, but there are a few to begin with.

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Face Value 2 is the lowest number, with A being the highest, if you pull a pair, sorry its wrong as you get nothing for a pair.

The Contestant or Player has the option to change the first card, this is both prevalent in Play Your Cards Right and Card Sharks game. The host needs to click the card to change it. This is only programmed for the First Card ONLY.

Then we have the first card, and we would want to get the audience involved too, to help the contestant decide should they go Higher or Lower, if Correct they get a Positive sound played, and wrong gets a negative sound played.

There is a Zoom Icon to pop out the 2 cards, and these look great in big Screen Mode, it shows the 2 cards that are currently in play, and auto skips next, after the hands have been dealt.

The game should end when the player gets it wrong, but we will leave that to your discretion, you can start a new game whenever you want to.

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