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Care Homes - The Quiz for the Elderly and Seniors. You can host quality quiz with awesome resource for Trivia and Bingo.
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Quiz for the Elderly and Seniors

Quiz for the Elderly and Seniors

Activity coordinators can host big screen quiz for the elderly and seniors with our HQ.FM software.

In your nursing home, you can entertain your care home residents with age appropriate easy questions and answers.

With our software, quiz for the elderly and seniors can be played as a group game or 121 as part of a memory recall plan.

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Hashtag Quiz & HQ.FM is a primary resource for content, questions and answers, which can be made into an interactive quiz, or played on a big screen and your residents can answer any way in which you see fit. (Noise making implements we find the most fun though)

Every Residential Home uses us quite differently, some do 121 activities with us including Memory Recall for Dementia, others use this only for group games in the day rooms, but all have a great time whichever route you decide to take.

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Quiz for the Elderly and Seniors

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There are two options to starting your quiz for the elderly and seniors journey on our HQ.FM
Write your own content

We see the system being used for Dementia care and memory recall, on the interactive format, where the resident has a series of questions each day, and you can build more questions into their care plan.

Search through the Hive and find appropriate content written by others and build your QUIZ.

Once you have worked out the correct content journey for yourself and your needs, the rest is easy.

Group participation on HQ.FM

For group participation, send the question through to the screen, set a timer, and watch everyone either shout out the answer or answer on their tablets. See here to learn how to start creating quiz for the elderly and seniors.

We are proud to say we are enriching lives through entertainment for the elderly and making activity coordinators’ lives easier.

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Quiz for the Elderly and Seniors

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