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Live Streamers

Gain an edge in a busy space and increase your sub count with Hashtag Quiz’s professional quiz making software.

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Monetise, Build Hype, and Grow Your Stream

Hashtag Quiz gives you the tools to create engaging quizzes and games and share them with your subscribers instantly. This versatile software adds an extra level to your show and allows you to create quizzes around your stream, engage with your audience, and build hype with subtrain prizes, giveaways, or winner shoutouts. To do this, all you need is a stable internet connection and a subscription to Hashtag Quiz’s quiz-making system.

Once connected, you’ll be able to entertain your subs and visitors with online games at the touch of a button. Try our advanced quiz maker today and discover how Hashtag Quiz is the right answer to all your live streaming needs.

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Designed for Digital Engagement

Time is a valuable resource in streaming, with many streamers spending long hours building their brand. Our browser software allows you to create games in minutes and share them with your platform; be it over Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord.

Hashtag Quiz is also specially designed to deal with the digital space and even has an inbuilt delay that you can program to create a seamless show. This delay allows you to time when questions are released to ensure they match up with the audio and player engagement. This means, for the player, it’s seamless, while for the host, the system gives you total control over question delivery, chat delay sync and live question editing.

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Take a Look at Hashtag Quiz in Action!

Hashtag Quiz gives you all the tools you need to create and host general knowledge quizzes, bingo, and more.

Key Benefits

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Monetise Streams

Monetise your streams with ticketed events. Our browser software, partnered with Stripe, allows you to safely integrate ticket sales into games and share links with attendees on the guest list.

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Optimised For Streamers

Take advantage of our browser software’s unique streamer advancements including, an in-built delay system to sync what’s on the screen with chat, and compatibility with streaming services and video conferencing.

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Easy To Scale For Big Events

Make the most of your time with access to a database of questions to make finding inspiration easier and varied game modes, including quizzes, bingo, and Higher or Lower, to offer more ways to interact with your audience.

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Create Quizzes And Games In Minutes

Search for topics, save questions, and build quizzes in a matter of minutes.

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Play Games In Three Easy Steps

All you need to do is write your question-and-answer content into the system, launch a game, tell your players to use the game code, and you’re ready to go.

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Gain Access To The Hive

The Hive is our community-led question and answer repository where you can find games, search for topics, build games and find inspiration.

Hashtag Quiz has the answer to any pub entertainment questions.

Sign up today for a 7 day FREE trial and enjoy access to an all-in-one quiz maker.

Hashtag Quiz Subscriptions

Everybody starts on a free account package. When it’s going to be used professionally, please upgrade to the correct subscription level and downgrade as required.

Dormant/Test account


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  • 1 Host
  • 2 Test Players

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Test Functionality

  • Question Writer with 10 quizzes to get you started
  • 4 Answer functions: Multiple choice, First Letter, Number, sequence,
  • Add pictures or Gifs to any question & upload Buzzer sounds
  • 3 Game modes: Quiz, Killer, & Evil
  • Automatic scoreboards
  • Social sharing functions

Most Popular

£20 per week after trial

*No obligation, cancel anytime, downgrade or upgrade
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  • 99 Real time player connections
  • Unlimited questions per game with live Narrate function

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Quiz Functionality

  • ACCESS THE HIVE A hub of all the latest quizzes from our network of quiz makers.
  • EASY ACCESS GAMECODES The quickfire way to get players linked to your quiz & start playing
  • PRINT & PLAY MODE Download 3 quizzes per week via PDF for a traditional way to play.
  • UNLOCK DEVICE MODES Project for a Big Screen quiz or host Team Play across multiple devices


  • BINGO - Traditional US & UK, or Music Bingo Caller
  • Higher or Lower - play your cards right!
  • Link Stripe - and sell tickets to your event.

More Players please

£30 per week

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  • 249 concurrent player connections
  • Unlimited questions per game with live Narrate function
  • Print & Play Download 5 games pw

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Quiz Functionality

  • BINGO - Traditional US & UK, or Music Bingo Caller
  • Higher or Lower - play your cards right!
  • Link Stripe - and sell tickets to your event.

*No obligation, cancel anytime, downgrade or upgrade

Bespoke Hosting & Game Management


For larger corporates and organisations we also offer a more bespoke service. Our team can assist with a wide range of requests such as building branded software or games, providing technical maintenance, and even creating and hosting games for large annual events. Contact our team to discuss your exciting idea or project.

Join in the fun today with Hashtag Quiz and contact us!

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Free Trial

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