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As a Quiz Company, HQ.FM is of course very suitable for virtual pub quizzes, but it's much more than a quiz software for Zoom.
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In-built Delay System for Question & Answer Sync Problems

With our platform and how it is built, you can successfully run Question & Answer based content over Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and other popular streaming networks.

We have an inbuilt delay that you can program which delays the players' handsets in line with the video stream. So for the player, it's seamless while for the host, the system tells you when the real question ends, giving you the ability to host around the delay and have the knowledge of what is happening at all times.

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Monetize your stream with
our integrated tickets

We have been very useful to streamers who go live and want to add an extra level of content to deliver to your audience. Having all these fans and followers is great, and using HQ.FM, you can now communicate with followers via email after you’ve played mini-competitions on your stream.

You can even sell tickets directly and make an event where your fans can be exclusively in your presence.

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Is your stream about a popular subject?

I'm sure your viewers would love to prove their knowledge about the subject, and best of all you can monetize them too.
All you need to do is write your question-and-answer content into the system, and launch a game, tell your players to use the game code, and connect them to your game. Everything happens on the player's display so you do not need to disrupt your usual slideshows with extra slides for the quiz. It is business as normal, use it wisely and most of all, have fun.

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