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Welcome to a revolutionary quiz software platform that redefines the hosting experience – HQ.FM.
Say goodbye to cumbersome setups, costly hardware, and restrictive laptop-only interfaces. HQFM opens the door to a seamless, versatile, and hassle-free quiz hosting experience.
Key Features:
1. **Play Anywhere, Anytime:** With HQFM, you can host and play quizzes from any internet-based device. No need to limit yourself to laptops or deal with Ethernet cables – the flexibility is in your hands.
2. **No Apps, No Downloads:** Simplify your quiz hosting routine. HQ.FM eliminates the need for downloading apps or authorizing equipment. Access your online account, and you’re ready to play – it’s that straightforward.
3. **Tech Glitch? No Problem:** Experience technical challenges? Fear not! HQ.FM allows you to seamlessly switch devices and pick up right where you left off. No frustrating setbacks, just uninterrupted quiz enjoyment.
4. **Ready-Made Themed Quizzes:** No panic requests for additional questions. HQ.FM offers a library of general knowledge and themed quizzes, readily available for your enjoyment. Just search for what you want, and you’re all set to host an engaging quiz night.
5. **Cost-Effective:** Say hello to savings! For only £20 (+ VAT) per week, enjoy 24/7 access to the HQFM quiz software platform. Imagine the extra funds you’ll retain weekly, monthly, and yearly with this budget-friendly alternative.
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For more hints / tips, go to : https://www.youtube.com/@HQFMHQFM
For inquiries and any other requests, contact me at [email protected] or 07941 322339
Make the switch today and elevate your quiz-hosting game with HQFM. 

Fundraising Quizzes

Reach a wider audience and drive your fundraising quiz events with Hashtag Quiz; the all-in-one quiz maker and bingo software.

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Host a Charity Quiz Night

Fundraising Quizzes, generate interest and gather donations for important causes with Hashtag Quiz. Our browser software makes it easy to build fundraising quizzes, locate or create quiz questions that inform, engage, and entertain your audience. Whether you want to bring a little light to a serious situation or just add some entertainment to your charity quiz night event, our brilliant quiz maker will help you find charity quiz questions, sell tickets and help someone in need.

From set-up to selling tickets, creating questions, and running games, our browser software puts you in control. Hashtag Quiz also supports various game types so you can set up a range of different events or games with one solution. If you need something bespoke, we also offer packages to create and run, games for you. This service is ideal for large events and expos where big ideas make the biggest difference.

Sign up today with our affordable subscription options and gain access to an important fund-generating tool.

Fundraising Quizzes
Hashtag Quiz Image 2

Versatile Quiz Software for Online Or In-Person Gaming

Adding games to your fundraiser or charity event is a guaranteed way to increase donations, add some entertainment to the event, and ultimately engage your audience. Hashtag Quiz provides you with all the tools you need to create and play quiz games with large and small groups alike. With Hashtag Quiz, you can challenge perceptions with insightful questions about world events or bring a little humour to a serious event.

Along with this versatility, our browser software also uses a secure payment system to allow you to raise funds safely. All you need to do is to attach your Stripe details and you’re ready to start selling tickets to help a cause. Its so easy to organise your fundraising quizzes, click the link below to do it TODAY!

Hashtag Quiz Image 3

Organising a Charity Quiz Night is very easy, 1st you need to decide on a date to work towards, 2nd are you hosting in a venue or online and get that booked in, 3rd subscribe to Hashtag Quiz and save your content from the hive, 4th play the quiz with close friends, so you have some basic knowledge of how to use the Charity Quiz Night Software. Lastly invite everyone to your event, charge an admission fee which you can use to offset the prizes and raise those much needed funds. 

Fundraising Quizzes are a great way to raise money, and there is many ways to raise money from a quiz night!

Firstly charge for Participation, its a charity night, everyone is expecting to pay something towards the charity to participate.

Other ways to make money for your charity would be.

Securing freebies from local businesses, free hair cuts, free takeaway, free tooth whitening etc, 

Your local football team will have freebies too for charitable organisations, like Shirts or Balls, some will be signed if you ask them very nicely. 

At the end of the Quiz, you can use these big value items to auction and raise additional money from the quiz. 

and finally ask for donations, you don’t get, if you don’t ask, be cheeky and you will be a top fundraiser.

Take a Look at Hashtag Quiz in Action!

Hashtag Quiz gives you all the tools you need to create and host general knowledge quizzes, bingo, and more.

Key Benefits
Hashtag Quiz Image 4

Raise Money For An Important Cause

Hashtag Quiz makes raising funds that little bit easier with fun game formats that engage your audience and improve attendance.

Hashtag Quiz Image 5

A Host Of Games To Play

From traditional quiz games to charity bingo and knockout trivia competitions, we have a host of game formats to provide hours of entertainment.

Hashtag Quiz Image 6

Adaptable Gaming For All Audiences

Our browser software allows you to print out pen-and-paper quizzes or create digital quizzes that connect directly to mobile phones and electronic devices.

Hashtag Quiz Image 7

Seamless Ticketing And Payment Integration

Sell tickets, share links and track your fundraising drive in real-time with our protected Stripe integration. All you need do is to attach your Stripe details and you are ready to start raising funds.

Hashtag Quiz Image 8

Online Or In-Person

Take your local event to the national or even international level with games that can be shared far and wide.

It is great for live streaming and even incorporates time delays to sync up your presentation. Perfect for Facebook, Twitch, Zoom, Google Hangouts or YouTube.

Hashtag Quiz Image 9

Perfect For Large Or Small Organisations

With a host of subscription options to choose from, Hashtag Quiz is perfect for events of all sizes. What’s more, you can switch between options instantly allowing you to scale up for larger events or reduce costs in between events.

Hashtag Quiz Image 10

Bespoke Quiz And Game Solutions

Need a hand planning a big event? We offer a bespoke service for clients who need something of their own with options for creating bespoke software, hosting events, maintaining platforms, and even building quizzes for you.

Hashtag Quiz has the answer to any pub entertainment questions.

Sign up today for a 7 day FREE trial and enjoy access to an all-in-one quiz maker.

Hashtag Quiz Subscriptions

Everybody starts on a free account package. When it’s going to be used professionally, please upgrade to the correct subscription level and downgrade as required.

Dormant/Test account


Hashtag Quiz Image 11


  • 1 Host
  • 2 Test Players

Hashtag Quiz Image 12

Test Functionality

  • Question Writer with 10 quizzes to get you started
  • 4 Answer functions: Multiple choice, First Letter, Number, sequence,
  • Add pictures or Gifs to any question & upload Buzzer sounds
  • 3 Game modes: Quiz, Killer, & Evil
  • Automatic scoreboards
  • Social sharing functions

Most Popular

£20 per week after trial

*No obligation, cancel anytime, downgrade or upgrade
Hashtag Quiz Image 11


  • 99 Real time player connections
  • Unlimited questions per game with live Narrate function

Hashtag Quiz Image 12

Quiz Functionality

  • ACCESS THE HIVE A hub of all the latest quizzes from our network of quiz makers.
  • EASY ACCESS GAMECODES The quickfire way to get players linked to your quiz & start playing
  • PRINT & PLAY MODE Download 3 quizzes per week via PDF for a traditional way to play.
  • UNLOCK DEVICE MODES Project for a Big Screen quiz or host Team Play across multiple devices


  • BINGO - Traditional US & UK, or Music Bingo Caller
  • Higher or Lower - play your cards right!
  • Link Stripe - and sell tickets to your event.

More Players please

£30 per week

Hashtag Quiz Image 11


  • 249 concurrent player connections
  • Unlimited questions per game with live Narrate function
  • Print & Play Download 5 games pw

Hashtag Quiz Image 12

Quiz Functionality

  • BINGO - Traditional US & UK, or Music Bingo Caller
  • Higher or Lower - play your cards right!
  • Link Stripe - and sell tickets to your event.

*No obligation, cancel anytime, downgrade or upgrade

Bespoke Hosting & Game Management


For larger corporates and organisations we also offer a more bespoke service. Our team can assist with a wide range of requests such as building branded software or games, providing technical maintenance, and even creating and hosting games for large annual events. Contact our team to discuss your exciting idea or project.
Join in the fun today with Hashtag Quiz and contact us!

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Free Trial

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