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You can create the best interactive pub quiz with our HQ.FM software.
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interactive pub quiz
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Interactive Pub Quiz Software

Engage your customers, with our interactive pub quiz software created to boost and level up your revenue and turnover. With our HQ.FM software, you can create interactive pub quiz and trivia nights.

The System is so easy to use, and enjoyable to play, you will attract Guests, and retain them week after week building your quiz community.

Click the button to host a interactive pub quiz and start getting your customers well engaged.

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Hashtag Quiz, HQ.FM is traditionally associated with Pub Quiz / Bar Trivia for interactive pub quiz but has many other uses, for question and answer, and game-related fun.

Pub Quiz is an attraction, everyone needs a different reason to enter your establishment, maybe it’s the great food, maybe it’s the selection of Ales or Wines, or maybe it’s the entertainment.

Once you’ve nailed what you're known for, customers keep coming weekly.

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interactive pub quiz
interactive pub quiz

Bar trivia is particularly good
for 2 reasons.

Both are a perfect opportunity for you using the HQ.FM System.
Attract more people

You may have a quiet night, happens to every successful venue and you want to attract more people to it.

Keep customers entertained

You may have the customers, but they need entertaining, so they spend more and stay longer.

Host with HQ.FM

First, you need to decide on the night which will be most beneficial for your hospitality venue and create a Buzz.

Use our images with flyers, posters, but ultimately talking to people and inviting them will bring you the most success. Words of mouth only starts when someone starts talking.

With the system, you can run events and sell tickets, and it’s simple as you find your quiz in the hive, or write your quiz in question manager, and launch the game.

You’ve 2 options one to make it interactive and connect players handsets to your game (simply by them creating a player account and typing in your game code) or using the quiz in big-screen mode, and opting for the traditional route, by printing off a PDF, and customers answer with a pen and paper.

To learn more on how to host with HQ.FM, please click here or the button below, and we will go through some questions to work out what’s right for you.

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Interactive pub quiz software

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