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Unleash Your Quiz Hosting with HQ.FM in 2024: The Game-Changing Quiz Software Platform

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Welcome to a revolutionary quiz software platform that redefines the hosting experience – HQ.FM.
Say goodbye to cumbersome setups, costly hardware, and restrictive laptop-only interfaces. HQFM opens the door to a seamless, versatile, and hassle-free quiz hosting experience.
Key Features:
1. **Play Anywhere, Anytime:** With HQFM, you can host and play quizzes from any internet-based device. No need to limit yourself to laptops or deal with Ethernet cables – the flexibility is in your hands.
2. **No Apps, No Downloads:** Simplify your quiz hosting routine. HQ.FM eliminates the need for downloading apps or authorizing equipment. Access your online account, and you’re ready to play – it’s that straightforward.
3. **Tech Glitch? No Problem:** Experience technical challenges? Fear not! HQ.FM allows you to seamlessly switch devices and pick up right where you left off. No frustrating setbacks, just uninterrupted quiz enjoyment.
4. **Ready-Made Themed Quizzes:** No panic requests for additional questions. HQ.FM offers a library of general knowledge and themed quizzes, readily available for your enjoyment. Just search for what you want, and you’re all set to host an engaging quiz night.
5. **Cost-Effective:** Say hello to savings! For only £20 (+ VAT) per week, enjoy 24/7 access to the HQFM quiz software platform. Imagine the extra funds you’ll retain weekly, monthly, and yearly with this budget-friendly alternative.
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For more hints / tips, go to : https://www.youtube.com/@HQFMHQFM
For inquiries and any other requests, contact me at [email protected] or 07941 322339
Make the switch today and elevate your quiz-hosting game with HQFM. 

Host Music Bingo Games

Get ready to party all night long with our custom music bingo.

Host Free Online Music Bingo Creator

Party the Night Away with Hashtag Quiz

Music bingo is where karaoke, music quizzes, and bingo shenanigans meet in one thrilling package. This game mode is perfect for pubs and clubs and can turn a quiet night in to a fun-fueled night of sing-alongs, bingo calls, and party games.

Put a twist on the classic bingo experience with preloaded tracks that trigger when a number is called. This additional dimension adds a party atmosphere to your night and allows you to theme your bingo games. Roll back the years with a 70’s themed game or perhaps add some classic sing-alongs to invigorate your audience and get them involved.

This format really gives the host the centre stage, allowing them to play to the audience, cue up an unforgettable playlist, and maybe get some feet tapping or table dancing.

Our free online music bingo uses the same visual style as regular bingo games with numbers shown on the screen alongside a list of scratched out numbers. This makes it easier for players to check their cards and make sure they have a call before shouting ‘house’ and dancing up on stage.

With all of these features, as well as our quiz and card games, Hashtag Quiz is the perfect software for entertaining pub events, club nights, and more. Sign up for Hashtag Quiz today and experience all the benefits of our all-in-one entertainment software.

Take a Look at Hashtag Quiz in Action!

Hashtag Quiz gives you all the tools you need to create and host general knowledge quizzes, bingo, and more.

Join in the fun today with Hashtag Quiz and contact us!

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