Classic Bingo Games

On HQ.FM, Click the bingo tab which will open in a new window, so it does not affect any Quiz game you maybe playing, you can use as a mini game or standalone

Classic Bingo Games - Bingo Tab

We’ve made this easy, it’s not smartphone enabled, so you will need bingo sheets, OR if you’re playing virtually, please see the Virtual Bingo Tab

Both the American Style Version (75 Numbers) and the UK version (90 Numbers).

Classic Bingo Games - Bingo Numbers

Click which game you would like to run,

Classic Bingo Games - Bingo Numbers

Do you want our auto bingo caller? If no then mute caller and launch your bingo game.

Classic Bingo Games - Mute Audio Caller


You’ll have your big Bingo ball, waiting for you to click next to get your first number, once these numbers progress, they go to the right into the scratched numbers so when someone makes a call, you can see if it is accurate or bad bingo.

Classic Bingo Games - Start Screen

The choice is yours on how you play, and are you playing for 4 corners, line, 2 lines or house, etc.

If you ever want to play a call again, just push the play button

Classic Bingo Games - Play Screen

Have fun with it.

Are you still stuck? Reach out to us here