Gameplay Screen

Here you can change EVERYTHING on the gameplay screen, before playing.

See the Rules Tab, Change the Rules / Points / Gameplay at any point.

It is worth reading out the rules, so your players know how to play the game, and the rules you have set.

Gameplay Screen

Other things you can do.

Click the timer and you can change the time per question

Gameplay Screen - Click Timer Gameplay Screen - Click Timer Popup

Click the Question and change the question

Gameplay Screen - Click Question Gameplay Screen - Click Question Popup

Click the answer and change the answer

Gameplay Screen - Click Answer Gameplay Screen - Click Answer Popup

All this can be done before hitting Send Question, once question is sent, you’ve committed.

Gameplay Screen - Send Question

Don’t like a Team name, click host leader board and update it.

Gameplay Screen - Host Leatherboard Gameplay Screen - Host Leatherboard Click Gameplay Screen - Host Leatherboard Change Name

Playing mini games, or giving out bonus points or minus point handicaps, again within Host leader board you can update players scores.

Gameplay Screen - Host Leatherboard Change Score

Send Question – Sends Question through to Players Devices,

Gameplay Screen - Send Question

Start Timer, Starts the countdown for players to answer.

Gameplay Screen - Start Timer Gameplay Screen - Start Timer On

Correct answer – click this and we will show you the correct answer, but don’t do this if you’re hosting a big screen game.

Gameplay Screen - Click show answer Gameplay Screen - Answer display

Once players start answering you will see them in the results table, with team name, what they have answered, were they right or wrong, and can call these out.

Gameplay Screen - Show answer result

If you’re playing a Big Screen, you’ll want to hide this, as you don’t want to spoil the game by people seeing the correct answers.

You will also see an applause button sound effect.

Gameplay Screen - Hide answer result

And if you have activated buzzers on the launch game, this is where the buzzers button is, or Fastest Buzzer, because for the fastest correct answer the bonus points go to ….. play buzzer and call team name.

This also works if everyone is incorrect to, the fastest looser is. congratulations

Once the first question is played, you will now notice next and back buttons, where you can replay a question or skip a question.

Gameplay Screen - Next Previous

Also now available is leader board all, Lead board all gives you the leader board, and sends the leader board through to all devices, but don’t forget you have host leader board just for your viewing pleasure.

Gameplay Screen - Leaderboard all Gameplay Screen - Leaderboard all big screen

Playing a picture question on a big screen, click this, and it will full screen for you.

Gameplay Screen - Picture Question Gameplay Screen - Picture Question big screen

At the end of the game, you will have a review page, where you can see all the questions and answers you have played, flag any that were incorrect, we did warn you when taking content from the hive to check for accuracy, but this review page also doubles for pen and paper quizzes hosting.

You can then send leader board all, and read the scores from bottom to top and crown your winner.

Your players can share their score on Facebook, and if you did the social media stuff at the beginning this will share.

Gameplay Screen - Facebook Share

Once you click end game, a scoreboard is produced and sent to your email, with all the details of your participants, for you to communicate with after the game has ended.

Are you still stuck? Reach out to us here