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Key Features:
1. **Play Anywhere, Anytime:** With HQFM, you can host and play quizzes from any internet-based device. No need to limit yourself to laptops or deal with Ethernet cables – the flexibility is in your hands.
2. **No Apps, No Downloads:** Simplify your quiz hosting routine. HQ.FM eliminates the need for downloading apps or authorizing equipment. Access your online account, and you’re ready to play – it’s that straightforward.
3. **Tech Glitch? No Problem:** Experience technical challenges? Fear not! HQ.FM allows you to seamlessly switch devices and pick up right where you left off. No frustrating setbacks, just uninterrupted quiz enjoyment.
4. **Ready-Made Themed Quizzes:** No panic requests for additional questions. HQ.FM offers a library of general knowledge and themed quizzes, readily available for your enjoyment. Just search for what you want, and you’re all set to host an engaging quiz night.
5. **Cost-Effective:** Say hello to savings! For only £20 (+ VAT) per week, enjoy 24/7 access to the HQFM quiz software platform. Imagine the extra funds you’ll retain weekly, monthly, and yearly with this budget-friendly alternative.
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For more hints / tips, go to : https://www.youtube.com/@HQFMHQFM
For inquiries and any other requests, contact me at [email protected] or 07941 322339
Make the switch today and elevate your quiz-hosting game with HQFM. 


Automatic Results, Scoring, Points Leaderboards

We have 3 Leaderboards, within the game.

1st is the Live Results Table on the right-hand side of your screen, (Laptop View) on a Phone or Tablet, it is below the question and answer

The live results table, is in action once, you’ve sent a question and started the timer, the players will answer, and their answers go into this table in the order of fastest correct answer first, it gives you lots of information. At the top, it says a number/number which is how many teams answered correctly, out of how many teams. The team/person name at the top is the Fastest Correct answer, it will show a ✔️ for a correct answer and ❌ if they were incorrect. It will also tell you what they answered, and the points awarded, including any bonus points, if you set them at the beginning.. 

Host Leaderboard

The host leaderboard is where you can do your actions, and see the scores without sharing with your players. Use this to build tension before sharing a leaderboard all. 

Actions you can do on this leaderboard are:

Update Name Details

Award or Remove Points to teams, for various actions, etc. 

Kick players out of the Game

If you have set the buzzers, you can play the team’s sound from here.

Automatic Leaderboards

Leaderboard All

As it says, push this, you and the players will receive the leaderboard and can see positionings.

This leaderboard is automatic at the end of each round, and the end of the game


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