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HQ.FM Subscription Plans – Free to Paid

Subscription plans range from FREE to paid, the first level being £20+Vat a week,

As a free user, you can host a quiz of up to 10 questions and connect 2 smartphones to try and test the system or play with friends.

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The next range gives you everything you need for an out of the box entertainment solution, £20 a week, gives you full access to everything that’s in the box, smartphone quiz for up to 99 teams, access to the hive database, unlimited questions, with 3 smartphone quiz types, print PDF for when you’re running a big screen quiz, and don’t want to connect phones, when you want to have a slower paced traditional paper version of a quiz, all types of big screen games including bingo.

The system scales up more players, which is what the extra costs are.

With Subscriptions, choose your package, everything is for a week, and the system will remind you a payment is due, and take the payment automatically, it is up to you, to downgrade your subscription to free if you are not using the system for a period of time.

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