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Hashtag Quiz Question Types

Virtual Quiz Answer Types

Different answer keypads and question types with the hashtag quiz software.

This page will explain the different types of keypads we have and their POWER.

The great thing about HQ is once you have built your quiz, for the user or player, it is seamless, and automatic direct to their phones.

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Numbers Keypads, or Value Based Questions and Answers

This Keypad is ideal for name the year, how old is it? Maths-Based questions, how many, etc.

Selecting this question-and-answer type will show the connected user a calculator-style answer pad, they type in the number and click enter to submit it to you. After the countdown is finished, their handset will go Green – For Correct Answer, or Red – For Incorrect Answer and the correct answer will be displayed for them.

You will see in your hosting screen, the answers coming in real-time and what they answer, plus how many points they have been awarded (This is set up in Launch Game)

Letters based Questions and Answers

In an automatic world, it’s not a spelling contest (well not yet anyway) we have simplified this question type for speed, and we suggest you do the same, making it easy and fun for the participant, When building your Letters Based Question, you will input the Full answer (so we can display it after the question is finished) and the Letter you want to use as a Correct Answer, Perhaps in the Question, you could offer Hints, For instance, Who wrote the play, Romeo and Juliet? Well, the answer is William Shakespeare, so you could Hint, First Letter of First Name, or How the Person is Commonly Known; its entirety up to you.

This Game is Fully Customizable for you

The connection will answer on their handset on a Qwerty Keyboard and that locks in their answer, at the end of the countdown or when everyone has answered, the system will then remove one of the lines of letters, to Reveal the Full answer, and again their handset will turn Green or Red depending on right or wrong.

Multiple Choice Based Questions and Answers

Here you are presented with 4 possible Answer choices, A, B, C, or D, in the Question manager, make sure you depress the button for the correct option, (Don’t worry if you miss it, when you click publish any mistakes you have made it will flag and will not let you save it until you have rectified the errors.

Multiple choice questions are great for tripping up your players, with soundalikes, so if the Question was, What is the Capital of Thailand? A: Paris, B: Singapore C: Banger D: Bangkok and watch the volumes of people hitting C and getting the answer wrong.

On the user’s Keypads again goes Green or Red, but will also X or Tick the correct answer, giving the information to your players.

Sequence Questions

Sequence Questions are whereby you want something in sequence, and it looks like multiple choice, and in effect are a “Put in Order” style question type.

In the Question Manager, write in the answers in random order and to the left of them using numbers, 1-4, a Great Example of this Question would be, put in order; What would Rick Astley Never Do: The correct order would be, 1 Give you up, 2 Let you down, 3 Run Around, 4 Desert you

The guests will answer, in the right-hand corner it will number their options, and at the end of the question, they will find out if they were right or wrong and display the correct numbers in the left corner.

Picture Questions

Pictures can be added to all question types, and gives you that added depth, who is this person? what film did they star in? Make and Model of Car? Etc

How it works for the user, when you select play question, the system sends the question and picture through to the players, they tap the picture, and the relevant answer keypad is underneath (Once you’ve hit the timer).

The First Company to provide Video Questions

The Same as Picture, to upload, However, videos do take a lot of server space up, and delivering them to users is difficult, so we have simplified this by using animated GIFs, it is something you must do before imputing, but very worth it, for what happens next questions.

Step 1: Find your video,

Step 2: Upload to a video to GIF converter (available for free on the internet, just search).

Step 3: Upload your animated GIF into the system.

This works the same as a picture, if you tap the screen it will vanish, and the correct keypad will be displayed to answer.

Again, the First company to provide, Music Quizzes, Music Questions

Audio Questions work with all styles of Keypads.

We suggest editing your song before upload, but our system will allow you to pick the part of the song, to use for your music questions.

Upload into the same middle-box, allowing you more than just name the artist, name the song, name the year, you can get much deeper thanks to our awesome quiz development team.

Your audio will start through the main host Computer or Hosting Telephone so make sure it is connected to your external PA or where your players can hear it.

The audio will start as soon as you hit play question.

Have Fun with it.

Please remember Online Streaming Virtual Quizzes* can have copyright issues, certainly with Facebook & YouTube, please see our streaming pages for more information on the highs and lows of audio questions.

Are you still stuck? Reach out to us here.

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