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Hashtag Quiz Question Manager

We begin our quiz hosting journey with content, the fundamentals of a great quiz night start with the quiz questions we write.


It’s your night and we’ve created all the tools you need to host a successful event.

We have created a very simple way, to create your Trivia Game. First, you need to decide how many quizzes rounds you would like to produce and the number of questions within each round. We have standardized it to deliver you the same number of questions per round.

Hashtag Quiz Image 1

If you would like to have different rounds of different question numbers, start with the lowest number of questions you would like in a quiz round and the wizard will create these rounds. Use our nifty + button, to add more questions to that round, to build the quiz as you want it.

Hashtag Quiz Image 2

As you will see our question manager looks similar to PowerPoint by Microsoft, we have all used PowerPoint, and if you haven’t it’s very simple to use.

After quiz creation, we now have x number of questions and x number of rounds, and we will go through each type.

First, as standard on every question, you will have to go through these options,

Open Question Box – Write in your question.

Hashtag Quiz Image 3

On the Left

1. Points Structure – How many Points do you want to award for getting this question correct? (These can also be changed on Game Launch)

Hashtag Quiz Image 4

2. The Time Limit – How long will you give for your connections to answer the question, this is an open box, 0 is infinity (But not to worry as soon as everyone answers the countdown stops) 60 Seconds and less we have an audio countdown building intensity in the game (Optional).

We suggest 10-20 seconds, but if you want to make sure there is no cheating in the office we have played with Alexa, Siri and all the other search tools, and around 7 seconds is faster than Google search returns.

Hashtag Quiz Image 5


The middle file upload is optional, but if you would like your question to be based around a picture, or your question to include music, then please upload the file here.

Hashtag Quiz Image 6

On the Right

You probably will already know what answer type you want for this question; we currently have multiple choice A-D* sequence questions A-D* numeric keypad* and a letters keypad (First Letter of the Main Word) *.

Each option will display a different way to answer and just input the CORRECT answer or answer options.

Hashtag Quiz Image 7

Want to add a question you have previously written in another quiz, just click question bank, search, and add.

Hashtag Quiz Image 8
Hashtag Quiz Image 9

Hit question save and click next.

Hashtag Quiz Image 10

Made a mistake? Everything is editable! Switch question positions = Drag and drop.

Delete a question or round, just push the X button.

When you are finished click publish and then the quiz will be available to play in your quizzes.

Hashtag Quiz Image 11

Are you still stuck? Reach out to us here.

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