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User Management

This is where the system scales for company size, invites quiz masters via email, they will go through the same process of adding a password and then they can login to their account.

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You can enable and disable licenses as people use them, but make sure you have enough licenses for each enabled quiz master otherwise they won’t be able to run a quiz under your account.

Your quiz masters won’t be able to manage their subscriptions but can do everything else under your account, so if one is a high user, over 99 teams, you’ll have to upgrade the account for them. If they are in a game, you will be notified via email, and they will have an onscreen message to contact you ASAP, to upgrade their account.

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Your quiz masters can write their content or use the hive. Any quiz you write will be sent down the line to all your HOSTS, please note this is a script that runs behind the scenes and can take 3-5 Minutes for them all to land in the quiz masters – Quizzes.

You are the master, and the quiz hosts are your slaves; you can manage your people easily and effectively.

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